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Saturday, 12 June 2010

Ceramic artists in Tallinn

There is a group of ceramic artists in Tallinn whose work I admire very much. This piece is by Lauri Kilusk. The shape of the body below the head is contained inside the trunk of the tree. It makes me think of Ariel in The Tempest when he was imprisoned inside a pine by the witch, Sycorax.

This is another piece by Lauri Kilusk. I call it The Angel That Cannot Fly.

I call this piece The Blue Woman and it´s made by Urmas Puhkan. From the angle of her head resting on her arms she seems very sad.

There are seven artists in the group who share a workshop and gallery. I find their work always original and exciting. They have a website at :
where you can find other examples of their work and a map showing the location of their gallery.

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