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keskiviikko 18. tammikuuta 2017

Discussion topic for Sampola class on Tuesday 11 April

Talking about the past

1.    Where were you born?
       Do you still live there?
       If not, when did you move away?
       Where did you move to?
       Do members of your family still live in the place where you were born?
       Describe the home and surroundings as well as you can remember.
       Do you ever visit the village or town where you were born?
       Where would you say your home is?
       Do you feel a strong connection to the land, village, or house where
       you were born?
       Where would you say your roots are?

2.    How much do you know about your forefathers?
       Did they live for many generations in the same place?
       How did they make their living?
       Tell me something about your family tree.
       Do you think it is important to feel a connection with the past?
       Is it important to feel a connection with a place?
       Has modern life made any changes to these feelings?

3.    What is your earliest memory?
       What sort of things do you remember from your early childhood?
       ................. from your teens?
       What memories do you have of your schooldays?
       What memories do you have of childhood holidays?
       When was the first time you travelled abroad?
       Where did you go?  What memories do you have of the trip?

4.    When did you move away from home (= your parents’ home)?
       Did you move far?      Where to?
       What was your own first home like?
       Why did you decide to get your own place?

5.    When did you learn to drive?
       What was the first type of car you drove?
       What was the first car you owned?
       How have the roads and driving changed since you began driving?

5.    What are the most important experiences that you have had?
       What experiences have influenced your personality or attitudes?
       How have you developed as a person since leaving school/college?
       What about in recent years?
       How have your attitudes/feelings/personality changed?

6.    What inventions or developments from the past have most influenced                     
       our lives today?
       What events in history have had a lasting effect?
       If you had a time machine and could change events in the past, what
       events would you change?
       How would modern life be different as a result of that change?
       If you could travel back in time, which period would you most like to
       have live in?