Mike in Finland

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Midas Touch cover

This is the cover of my poetry collection, Midas Touch, which is due out from Ward Wood Publishing at the end of November. Mike Fortune-Wood has done a great job with it and I´m really pleased with the effect. The view of mountains relates very well to the content of the poem, Crossing The Alps, and there are other poems in the collection where mountains and other landscapes appear. The cover image also suggests a mirror hanging on the wall, as if the mountain scene is actually a reflection and I especially like that effect because mirrors, along with windows and glass in various contexts, are recurring images in the collection.

There´s further information about the book at the publisher´s website:



  1. A beautiful cover. How exciting! Congrats to you and Mike for doing such a terrific job.

  2. great cover, I thought of a mirror straight away, shattered rocks, flint, reflections...looking foward to it!

  3. The two Mikes!

    I'm so glad the mirror feeling comes across. The effect of the landscape through that old doorway really is striking.

  4. Sue, Shaunab, Adele, thanks for your responses. I´m really pleased that you like the cover and that the effect we wanted to get has succeeded.