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Monday, 7 February 2011

The Finn´s Tale cover

Cover of The Finns Tale

Here´s the cover of my new novel, The Finn´s Tale, due from Ward Wood Publishing at the end of March. I´m delighted with the effect Mike Fortune-Wood has got with the photo of the woman´s hand which portrays a key scene in the plot.

The final edit of the novel is well underway and I´m really pleased with the way it´s going: no major revisions, just some tweaks here and there to make sure the text flows smoothly. I had to get permission from Minnesota Public Radio to use two short passages from an article on their website, as well, and I can say that they were jolly quick in their response and extremely helpful. Much gratitude.

So, not long now. I´ll post some more details as the big day draws closer.


  1. It's beautiful! I can't wait to get my copy. Good luck with it -- promoting a novel is very different from promoting poetry (as you know). It becomes a full-time job. The problem is you never expect poetry to sell, but you do expect fiction to, and I know yours will! When I get back from my A Clash of Innocents Asian tour, let's discuss if I can host you on my blog.

  2. Sue, thanks for your comments. Glad you like the picture. Best of luck with your Asian tour; I´m sure it will go swimmingly. You certainly get around! Some of my promotion for The Finn´s Tale I plan to do in Finland (I applied logic there) so it´s on my doorstep.

  3. I know what you mean as there is a chance a novel can really take off.

    On the other hand, all books have to sell 400+ to start going into profit (it all goes into the first and second print run before that) so poets do have to work just as hard at promoting them.

    I think the actual promotion done by authors for poetry and fiction is very similar and requires very regular live events - probably more important for poetry in fact as it tends to sell only/mainly at events. Novels sell in other ways too.

    The hard thing with promoting novels is that there are fewer ready-made venues and events where you can perform. Poetry has quite a few venues. Sue is doing incredibly well at 'inventing' ways to take part in events.

    Promoting any book well enough is a full-time job, I think, but authors also need paid work so the balance between paid work, promoting, and writing the next book is incredibly tough.

  4. I guess I´m going to find out all about that pretty soon.

  5. Our Kindle designs are working after months of planning so we'll soon have your novel out in both traditional print and ebook form!

  6. That´s great news, Adele. I´m looking forward to seeing how it works.