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Friday, 20 July 2012

In Finnish

I´ve translated one of the poems from my collection, Midas Touch, into Finnish, with some help from Eevi Apponen (acknowledgement duly rendered). The poem is `Family´ from the prologue, `Two Poems From Finland´. This is what it looks like in Finnish:


Rappu, puutarha
polku, pensas, ruohon
tuoksu sateen jälkeen,

pehmeä pip kun vettä
putoaa lehdille,

hohto autotallin
seinävalon ympärillä.

Ja tuolla
kahden poikasensa keskellä,

kuusi korvaa silhuettina
lampujen valaisemassa

... and this is how it sounds when read aloud by an Englishman with a poor accent. Still, non-Finnish visitors to my blog can at least get an idea of the Finnish version, I think. You can hear the same poem read in English on the video `Two Poems From Finland´ below; `Family´ is the second.

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