Mike in Finland

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Have you read The Finn´s Tale?

This blog receives between 200 and 300 visitors a month on average. I´ve been wondering how many of you have read my novel, The Finn´s Tale, and if so, which country you are from. The novel is easily obtainable via Amazon, Book Depository and the publisher´s website so international markets are well served. In addition, Stockmann´s Academic Bookshop in Finland and Pocket Books on Helsinki railway station have sold a considerable number of copies and I wonder how many of those have been purchased by foreign visitors to take back to their home country as a souvenir as well as a source of information about the Finnish way of life and culture.

So in this post, I am making a request for those blog visitors who have a copy of the book - and that includes the Kindle version, of course - to add a comment indicating their home country. If you´d like to offer a comment on your response to the novel, I´d be very interested in that as well, of course. It would be great if we could find readers from around the world and on every continent so do please let me know where you are (including Finnish and English readers). I´m looking forward to hearing from you.


  1. I've read it and loved it - Dublin, Ireland!

  2. From replies here and on Facebook, plus information from other sources, I can report that copies of The Finn´s Tale can be found in the following countries: Finland, UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Croatia, America, Australia and New Zealand. Not bad, I think, although Africa and Asia are not represented. If anyone can add to the list, please do.