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keskiviikko 18. tammikuuta 2017

Discussion topic for Sampola class on Tuesday 21 November

General Information:

The final class will be on 12.12.   There is no class on 05.12.

The topic for the next class on Tuesday 21 November is:


Key terms: to gamble, a gambler, to place a bet, to bet on something, a stake, to raise the stakes, poker, a punter, a casino, roulette, games of chance, a one-armed bandit, fruit machines, slot machines

1.         Are there any legal controls on gambling in Finland?
Are there controls on who can play games of chance?
Are there controls on who can run a casino or gambling enterprise?
Is it allowed to advertise gambling services and venues?
Are there limits on how large the stake can be?
Are there private companies that run a gambling business?
Is gambling associated with criminal gangs in Finland?
Is the gambling business different in other countries?

2.         Is gambling popular in Finland?
What are the most common forms of gambling in Finland?
What do people bet on?
Is it possible to bet on the result of ice hockey matches?
What is the attraction in gambling?  
Is it just about winning large sums of money?

3.         Do you ever go to horse races or trotting races?
            Is it more exciting if you have placed a bet on a horse to win?
            Do you like to play card games, e.g. whist?
Do you play other games of chance?
Do you like to play the slot machines?
Do you play the lottery?

4.         Have you heard of any systems to help someone win the lottery?
Do some games of chance require skill or are they all just about luck?
What about other forms of gambling: poker or betting on horse races?

5.         How is the national lottery (Lotto) organised?
Who gets the profit?
How does the State benefit?
Are there ever disagreements over how the profit should be used?
What is the biggest lottery win in Finland?
Are the first prize winners´ names kept secret, or are the published?
What kinds of pressure might result from a big lottery win?

6.         Do you see any dangers in gambling?
What is the cultural attitude to playing games of chance?
Are some people opposed to it?
What are your own views?
Is gambling addiction a big problem?
What kind of help is available for gambling addicts?
Does gambling have social repercussions in Finland?
Has there ever been discussion about banning gambling?

What about some forms of gambling?

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