Mike in Finland

Friday, 8 April 2011

The Finn´s Tale comes to Finland

My copies of my new novel, The Finn´s Tale, arrived yesterday afternoon, just as I was about to leave home to meet Eevi in town for a meal. Good timing; dinner turned into a celebration. The production quality is extremely high, as I´ve come to expect from Ward Wood Publishing. The book is printed on good quality paper and the cover image is really striking, I think.

Bookshops in Tampere and Helsinki have got information about the publication but I´m still waiting for a response from them. And I will be doing a reading from The Finn´s Tale at Swiss Cottage library in London on Friday 13th May at 19.00. I´d love to meet any readers of my blog who are able to get there. Copies of the book will be on sale. It can also be purchased from the Ward Wood website:

or from The Book Depository:


  1. Computer is being weird, but it can't hurt to send my congratulations again and say I'll definitely be there at Swiss Cottage. The book, of course, looks great. uge congrats!

  2. Thanks, Sue. I´m looking forward to seeing you at Swiss Cottage.

  3. It's a lovely photo of the book and I agree about the cover. We start a bit earlier at Swiss Cottage - doors open at 6pm so you'll be reading at 7pm. Really looking forward to it!

  4. Thanks Adele. Right, I´ll be there at 6 pm. I´m looking forward to it, too.