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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Minna Canth Plays from Aspasia Books

Good news for lovers of Finnish literature in English: the wonderful Aspasia Books have just published two plays in one volume by the 19th century Finnish dramatist, Minna Canth. The plays, The Burglary and The House of Roinila, are both early works and both are translated by Richard Impola, who did a magnificent job with Vainö Linna´s trilogy, Under The North Star, also published by Aspasia. And that´s not all. Aspasia plan two further volumes of Canth´s plays in the near future. What a treat!

Some more good news arrived this week: I heard that the Finnish bookshop chains, Akateeminen Kirjakauppa and Suomalainen Kirjakauppa will be stocking my novel, The Finn´s Tale. Akateeminen are stocking it in several stores, including Tampere, and Suomalainen have it in their shop at Hämeenkatu 18, Tampere and may add it in other stores later.

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