Mike in Finland

Friday, 30 November 2012

Cinderella pantomime

Something just a little out of the ordinary: I´m going to play one of Cinderella´s step-sisters in the Tampere Finn-Brits´ Christmas panto production. If you´re within travelling distance of Tampere, try to get along to see the show. And remember to boo the horrible step-mother and shout out: `Oh yes, there is´ / `Oh no, there isn´t.´ The details are:

Teatteri Tapio, Pirkankatu 18

Thursday 13.12 at 19:00
Friday 14.12 at 19:00
Saturday 15.12 at 14:00 and 19:00

Tickets at the door 6€ each or 20€ for a group of 4.

This is a very sober-looking announcement. I´ll post a report and some photos after the event with a bit more colour.


  1. Now this is something I would have liked to see! Oh well...have fun!

  2. I wish you could see it, Sue, though I´m not sure you would believe your eyes.

  3. I almost didn´t believe my eyes! The whole show was really good, and I especially enjoyed your performance as one of the creepy step-sisters ( you both did well). Next year again!

  4. Thanks Jaana. And many thanks for the lovely rose. I think a lot of people didn´t believe their eyes last night. Next year, maybe. I hope Martti´s feeling a bit better.