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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Tampere University Creative Writing in English

This autumn the language centre of Tampere University started a new English course in creative writing. Each week throughout the autumn term half of the course participants posted a text to the course blog. The other half posted a text the following week. Class sessions involved discussing that week´s pieces in small groups, plus completing an in-class writing exercise which could be worked up into a finished piece of writing out of class, if the author felt it was a piece they wanted to pursue.

Over the 13 weeks of the course a very wide range of writing was produced: from realist to the supernatural; from re-workings of classic texts (Romeo and Juliet appeared in a new light, and so did Plato) to experimental pieces, to song lyrics; from minimalist poetry to fiction that extended over several weeks´ submissions.

There is a public blog with examples of work produced on the course at:


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