Mike in Finland

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Crowzfeet online magazine for humorous poetry

A new web magazine for humorous poetry has been founded at this address:


There's some amusing verse there, including one of mine, Defying The Devil.

And here it is here too:

Defying The Devil

Get thee behind me, Satan!
Ah, on second thoughts
perhaps we could come to some
sort of accommodation.
Let's not be rash or over-nice.
What exactly are you offering?
And what's the price?
Before we begin the negotiation
I should point out
that I'm not so naive
as to actually believe
you would answer my every wish.
Nor do I expect you to be satisfied with
something so vague as my eternal soul.
So, if you could see your way
to gratifying some of my more
outlandish little peccadilloes -
those quirks of taste -
and supplying the necessary dosh
for a life of profligacy and waste,
I would be willing to submit
to becoming a social pariah;
to be held up as a bad example,
pointed at, pilloried, reviled
and abused by citizens driven to wild
outrage by my excesses.

I can't manage all that on my own.
I need a backer.
So, how do you feel?
What do you say?
Is it a deal?