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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Sampola topic for Tuesday 07.04

This is our topic for the class on 7 April.

New Technology

Apple Watch

Have you heard about Apple Watch?
You can find information from this website:

What can Apple Watch do, apart from tell you the time?
How does the watch enable users to get in touch with each other? (See ‘New Ways to Connect’)
What functions does the watch have that are connected with health and fitness?
What information can users obtain from the watch?
How are the various functions operated? Give some examples.

What do you think of the Apple Watch?
Do you think its functions are useful?
Do you think the price is good value for money?
Do you think you would like to own one? Why (not)?
What do think of the design? Is it attractive?

What are the competition doing?
Are any other companies producing smart watches?
Can they do the same as Apple Watch?

Have a look at some other types of watch technology at this site:
Did you find one to suit you?
Which is your favourite?

And talking of time …

What do you think of Daylight Saving?
Does it make any sense to move our clocks forward and back twice a year?
When and why did the custom start?
Is there any advantage?
Are you in favour of keeping or abandoning the practice?

Smart Meters

How carefully do you currently monitor electricity consumption in your home?
Do you know at what times of day you use most electricity?
Does the price of electricity vary at different times of day?
How can smart meters help electricity companies and consumers to use energy more efficiently and economically?

Here are three websites with information:




The last website has a very long article. You don’t have to read all of them!

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